Garden Deluxe

22,10 / sq m

30mm @ €22.10/m2

It is the most appropriate for private gardens with medium traffic, play areas with children and commercial terraces, with the best value for money.

Product Features

UV stabilised
Pet Friendly
Total Weight: 2500 GSM
Thickness = 30 mm
No Sand Fill Required.

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price


Garden deluxe is one of our star products in the height of 30 mm, it has monofilament with a “straight” shape that confers high softness while the texturing ensures recovery.

Its high density of fibers and texturing with a root effect, gives it a leafy texture and greater naturalness.



Lawn Features

Fiber: PE Straight + PP Curly DTex:
9,500 / 8
M² stitches: 16,800 Fibr Gr / m² Weight: 1,100
Total Weight Gr / m²: 2,500 Rolls: 2 × 25/4 × 25 m
Hound: 3/8


Recommended uses

Gardens, Terraces
Swimming pools