Grass Maintenance

Looking After Your Grass

So that you can really use and enjoy your artificial lawn, you will need to carry out a few simple maintenance tasks on a regular basis, ensuring characteristics of our artificial grass remains through out its lifetime. Maintaining the surface little and often is the secret to a great looking artificial lawn, rather than neglecting maintenance procedures for months will help keep the surface to its optimum condition. After installation your artificial lawn will take between 6-8 weeks to reach its optimum condition.

Mini Golf - Nograss Artificial GrassSome of our artificial grass products do not require infill, but it is still important to brush on a regular basis. This ensures the pile remains upright. We recommend using a medium soft bristle brush for the life of the installation. Some infill may appear on the surface from time to time, but this only requires light brushing to return it into the turf structure. Brushing should take place once every month and needs to be undertaken in a number of directions. It is important that the turf pile is maintained vertically to avoid compaction. The soft fibres should feel lush and bouncy. It’s a simple, light job that really is worth doing. Get out and collect up the leaves as all debris should be removed from the surface by hand and brushing, however a low powered garden vac will also be ok. It is important to prevent organic matter building up in the turf structure. Letting it accumulate will affect drainage and also encourage weed growth. We don’t want that! Remember to still kill those weeds.

Moss and weed killing should take place once a year, ensuring that there is no accumulated vegetation on the surface. The moss and weed killer agent you use must be a water based one, we will advise on usage and supply the product for you. Please also ensure that when the moss and weeds have died off, all dead matter, including roots, are removed or in the case of moss, swept out of the turf structure. Heavy oil marks can easily be removed using mineral spirits and a cloth. Animal mess should be removed straight away (manually!) and the area washed down with the use of hot tap water, containing a solution of house hold detergent such as washing-up liquid. Sorry, but this is a job that still needs doing. You might want to take it in turns and consider buying some disposable rubber gloves! Never, ever…The following should not be allowed on the surface of your artificial lawn. By doing so you will affect the product warranty:

  • No glass or other sharp objects. These can cause injury to others if left on the lawn and also damage the surface.
  • No smoking, bonfires or fireworks. Extremely hot items will obviously melt the pile surface and permanently damage the lawn.
  • No chewing gum or adhesives.
  • No cars or motorbikes or heavy vehicles. However, bicycles, wheelbarrows and wheelchairs are all fine to use on your artificial lawn.